Welcome to my personal palaeontology blog Jurassic Finds. The place to be to read my views about the latest palaeontological fossil discoveries. I hope you will all enjoy reading this blog and what it has to offer. I started this blog to share the latest scientific dinosaur discoveries and inspire others to discover more about the Mesozoic era.

My background:

My name is James and I am a 26 year old Geography degree graduate. I have always been interested in dinosaurs ever since I was a child, following dinosaurs through film, media and of course palaeontology.

Working in vertebrate palaeontology has always been my dream career ever since I was a child and I am very thrilled to say that I am on the first research steps to making this career dream become a reality. I will be doing a Masters in the subject this year and am currently doing palaeontological research which will finish in September 2019. As well as running this blog I am also a writer for The Jurassic Park Podcast. You can check out my writers contributions for the podcast website here.

What’s to come?

Since starting Jurassic Finds back in January 2018 the blog has been very well received. The blog has seen over 6,048 readers and I have been very happy with the positive reactions I have received from those who have read my posts so ‘Thank You’. Palaeontology has always been a subject I have been very passionate about and it has been really great as an aspiring palaeontologist for me to be able to share more about my passion for it here on Jurassic Finds.

Please do comment on the articles and let me know if you have enjoyed them! Also please let me know any new fossils discoveries that you would like me to cover!

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