You can now support the blog at!

Hey everyone!

So I wanted to write a quick post explaining my plans going forward.

Jurassic Finds has really developed over the past 3 years and half years generating over 21,151 views and I am very ‘Thankful’ for the continued support that the blog has seen. 2021 has seen over 7,621 viewers, the highest views since I started.

It is really great to see how many palaeontology and dinosaur enthusiasts are out there!

I’m currently still in the depths of studying my Masters and figured now was the right time to join buy me a coffee. I figured it would be a great way for people to support the blog, if they want to.

Jurassic Finds will always be free and the tremendous support over the past few years means a lot to me. Building up interaction with supporters of the blog is something I want to continue going forward into the future.

Unfortunately I am currently unable to have the plugin on the blog but you can check the Buymeacoffee page out here. It is also available on the About page as well!

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