First published journal article now available!

A brief article from me about some new research that has now been published.

It is finally here! Hurrah! After 2 years of work and collaboration I am very happy to announce that I now have my first ever published palaeontological research article in the Proceedings of the Geologists Association.  The research examines the Mesozoic marine overstep of the Mendips, focusing on the Rhaetian fauna at Vallis Vale, Frome.

You can read the press release for this research here on the Bristol University news section page, and I also provide the link for the article which can be viewed via institutional access.

I am thrilled that the article is now fully published! It has been a lot of work alongside the other contributors, and I am very Thankful for their support including the support of Bristol University Palaeobiology Group and Bristol City Museum.

Jurassic Finds is still on hiatus so I will be updating the blog again soon. But please do check out the journal article and press release as it is a very interesting research on a Geological site of great importance!

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