In this article I give my thoughts on the upcoming paid DLC Return to Jurassic Park for Jurassic World Evolution, which will be available to download on Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on the 10th of December.

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Image credit: Frontier Developments, 2019.

It has been a while since I last wrote an article for Jurassic Finds. Currently I have one piece of palaeontological coursework left to do and lots of revision to carry on with before the Christmas break in a few weeks time. I have been following various fossil discoveries in the news recently and there is one palaeontological discovery that I am thinking of sharing my thoughts on over the Christmas break. Until then however I thought now would be a good time to write a really relaxed article about some video game content which is coming out next week.

So we are three days away from probably the most awaited DLC expansion that Frontier Developments have released so far for Jurassic World EvolutionThe videogame dropped over a year ago and since it’s release back in June 2018 it has seen a number of free updates improving performance and adding highly requested additions to the game, alongside paid DLC packs which have added further campaign and story missions alongside new dinosaurs. For me though the Return to Jurassic Park DLC looks to be not only the best DLC we will be receiving so far but the most anticipated.

‘It’s, It’s a dinosaur!’ A lot of the dinosaurs featured in the first three Jurassic Park films are getting remodels and skins based on their film appearances. The Brachiosaurus here for example showing its classic JP 93 skin design. Image credit: Frontier Developments, 2019.

The Return to Jurassic Park DLC features not only new skins/models of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3 but will also provide various new buildings and a new campaign featuring Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum reprising their original film roles as Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcolm respectively. It will also be releasing with a new free update on the same day update 1.12 which will be adding destruction to ranger vehicles as well  new restrooms for visitors and much more. More information about what the DLC will be adding  to the game can be found here as well as the preview of the DLC which can be found on the Frontier Developments YouTube channel. For this article I wanted to talk about why this expansion is important for Jurassic Park fans around the globe.

Visitor Centre
The classic Jurassic Park visitor centre looks incredible in game. Image credit: Frontier Developments, 2019.

Not taking into account the mobile/tablet Jurassic World builder games of recent years the new DLC campaign which we will be getting for Jurassic World Evolution is the first time since 2003 (Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis) that we will be able to build Jurassic Park 1993 assets based on the film in an officially licensed Jurassic Park theme park builder videogame. Which is pretty significant and like many fans I think it has been long over due. Thankfully though after listening to fan feedback and thinking about how to develop Jurassic World Evolution further Frontier have put together what looks to be an incredible expansion for the game, adding much more content and replay ability to a game that has continued to grow since release.

I am incredibly hyped for this upcoming DLC pack. Fans have been wanting Jurassic Park buildings and theme options for a while but I don’t think anyone expected Frontier to go above and beyond, adding the JP Gates, the Ford Explorer Tour, various Fence options, the Visitor Centre and much more. Despite being a different game to Operation Genesis it is still fantastic to see JP assets and models/skins make it into Jurassic World Evolution, which up until now had only focused on including content that was focused solely around the Jurassic World franchise. This is a major departure for the game because past content has focused on expanded story with the The Secrets of Dr. Henry Wu hybrid expansion DLC and a campaign focusing Claire’s Sanctuary, Claire Dearing’s mission to save the dinosaurs from the impending destruction of Isla Nublar by Mt. Sibo, the islands volcano.

Raptor Paddock
‘They should all be destroyed!’ The Velociraptor pen based on the Jurassic Park film version will play a role in the new story campaign in Return to Jurassic Park. Image credit: Frontier Developments, 2019.

I think many fans have been clambering to build their own versions of Jurassic Park with 93 assets for a very long time. For many fans the safari/jungle based buildings from the film franchise and book lore remain incredibly nostalgic and it is clear from the videos and screenshots released so far that Frontier have taken inspiration from the films primarily but also looked to the books for inspiration as well. A prime example of this is the Geothermal power plant which replaces the Jurassic World power plant in the 93 era, something of which we never really saw in any of the first three films but is explicitly stated as enabling power on Isla Nublar in the original Jurassic Park novel.

All in all Return to Jurassic Park looks to be the DLC fans have been waiting for. It is incredibly positive to see how far the game has developed since release. Frontier have done a fantastic job in listening to the fanbase as well as looking at what developments they think would really benefit the game. I can’t wait to play the upcoming DLC and see what story they have developed for the game, not long to go now as it is only a few more days away!

Rexy roaring in front of the Jurassic Park visitor centre in the teaser trailer for the Return to Jurassic Park DLC. Image credit: Frontier Developments, 2019.

If you have enjoyed reading this article please give the blog a follow. You can also follow me on Twitter at the Twitter link at the top of the home page. I am hoping to be back with a proper fossil discovery article soon as it has been a while since I have written one. I look forward to sharing more of my views about the latest fossil discoveries with you all very soon!



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