Jurassic Finds Update: Reaching 6,048 Views!

A brief article about what’s to come over the coming months and how well the blog is doing!

Hello everyone,

Just a really quick update from me. So things are gradually progressing with my university research. I still have a lot of things to do to bring my project together but I am getting there. I am starting my university masters in a few weeks time so there is a lot of work going on currently in getting my journal article finished and preparing for further study. As well as this I also have another article in the pipeline for The Jurassic Park Podcast, which should hopefully be done by the end of September.

It is a very exciting time! Helped further by how well Jurassic Finds is currently doing! I have to admit I didn’t expect to pass the 6,000 viewer mark so soon, but the blog has now had 6,048 readers in two years, which is pretty crazy stuff. ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has checked out and read my palaeontology article content. It has been fantastic to look into, explore and share more about the latest fossil discoveries over the past two years. I am aiming to be back covering more dinosaur discoveries some time in October, by which time hopefully my current research project will be out the way and I will be fully enjoying my masters.

I am very grateful for the continued viewership this past year. The blog has really thrived,  despite seeing less articles from me this year so ‘Thank You’ all!





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