New Fossil Discovery Article Coming Soon!

In this brief article I share when you can expect my next fossil discovery article.

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share that my next palaeontology blog article will be coming very soon!

My upcoming fossil discovery article will be focusing on two major dinosaur discoveries that have occurred this month. I have really been wanting to share about these two discoveries for some time but due to work and life commitments haven’t had the time to get around to starting the article about them.

 I am however aiming to have the article published as soon as possible. I am planning on having what would have been my february article published in the first week of march, this will also mean that there will be second article that month, most likely at the end of march.

I want to Thank those readers out there who have read my posts over the past month. 46 people have visited Jurassic Finds over the course of this month despite no recent article being posted which is fantastic stuff!

I am really looking forward to sharing my views about the latest fossil discoveries with you all very soon.



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