Jurassic Finds hits over 3,000 views! Thank You!

Jurassic Finds has hit another major milestone with over 3,000 views! Thank You to those  who have read my blog articles!

It has taken a while but Jurassic Finds surpassed 3,000 views yesterday. I want to ‘Thank’ everyone who has taken an interest and read my palaeontology blog articles.

Since July the blog has seen an increase in readers and I have been very happy to see the positive reception my palaeo articles have had. The blog has really developed over the past couple of months, most recently it was featured in the Dinoblogosphere section of Chasmosaurs.com. This is fantastic news not only for my blog (increase in website traffic) but for those interested in palaeontology, as chasmosaurs.com has a entire section dedicated to palaeontology blog websites. These are all well worth a look at and I would highly recommend you check them all out.

In terms of Jurassic Finds I am really looking forward to embarking on the next stage of the blogs development. I will be looking into updating the blog with some new photographs at the end of November.

Feedback about the blog would be much appreciated most notably the blogs layout, so please do send me a message with your thoughts and I will take them into consideration!

I am currently working on my next palaeontology article so you can expect this to be hopefully published by the 4th of November.

Keep an eye on Jurassic Finds over the coming week for when it drops.

I look forward to sharing more about the latest fossil discoveries with you all soon!


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