New Article Coming Soon!

In this brief article I share a clue about what my next Jurassic Finds article will be focusing on.

Hello everyone.

Just a really quick update to say a new exciting article will be coming soon!

I have a lot of work to do regarding ongoing Palaeontological research but I have a focus for my next article. It will be exploring a really interesting topic and I am hoping it will go live over the next couple of weeks.

To give you all a clue on what my article will be focusing on here is a photo I took a while ago of a Moa.

A Moa skeleton at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Image credit: James Ronan, 2017.

I doubt many people will work this out, it is quite a vague hint. All I will say is the next article will focus on imagery.

It will all make sense when the next article gets published!

So stay tuned!


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