Jurassic Finds hits 2,000 views! Thank You!

Jurassic Finds has hit another major milestone with over 2,000 views! Thank You!

2,000 views. We finally made it! It has taken a while but Jurassic Finds surpassed 2,000 views yesterday which is utterly fantastic. Thank you all of you! I hope my articles have been informative and have helped raise awareness about the latest palaeontological discoveries. They have been a joy for me to write and I am looking forward to writing more over the coming year.

As you may have noticed the blog has slowed down quite a bit with one article going up a month over the past few months. This will only be temporary. I am planning on getting an article published a lot more frequently once we are in June. Unfortunately I have been busy and am in the process of moving so there is a lot going on.

However my next article should hopefully be up over the next couple of weeks and will be focusing on really interesting Dinosaur research so keep an eye on my blog for when it drops!

I look forward to sharing more fossil discoveries with you all soon!



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