Jurassic Finds hits a major January milestone 1,000 views! Thank You!

Jurassic Finds has hit a major milestone with over 1,000 views! An amazing achievement. Here in this article James shares his Thank You and what his hopes for the blogs development are over the coming year.

I just wanted to briefly write a quick article of Thanks to say ‘Thank You’ to those of you who have been interested enough to read Jurassic Finds and to follow the fossil discoveries I have covered this January. It has been a fantastic experience for me not only to share my passion for Dinosaurs and Fossils with you all but to help share the latest Paleontological discoveries through this blog.

I started this blog to inspire others and the reception I have received from people who have read the articles so far has been incredibly positive. Please by all means share this blog and its articles with fellow scientists, Palaeontologists, friends and family, anyone who is interested in Dinosaurs, Fossils and Palaeontology! I did not expect to reach 1,000 views so quickly so a massive ‘Thank You’ for your support and continued interest. Hopefully this mile stone will be beaten again in the near future! My hopes for this blog  is to continue to expand, sharing and inspiring others to find out more about the latest Dinosaur discoveries around the world.

I will be getting to work on my fifth article this week, so keep an eye on Jurassic Finds for when it drops!

May amazing Fossil Discoveries long continue!



    1. Thank You. The blog has been very well received. I am really looking forward to its continued development this year. My next article will be covering a very interesting topic, it should be up by the end of next week. 🙂


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